Easy Yoga Asanas to Beat the Stress and Anxiety Naturally

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Yoga, an Indian body of knowledge:

Regardless of the fact, lots assume yoga to be a physical workout wherein we stretch, twist, turn, and breathe within the maximum complicated ways; these are in truth and the most superficial factor of this deep science of unfolding the endless potentials of the human thoughts and soul.

Stress, fear, anxiety

If we start counting all those times in life when we experienced those feelings, we may additionally simply lose matter! Anxiety about the result of a Board exam or the response of our mother and father to the report card; nervousness about the first date or a process interview – we all would have lived thru these moments. A little bit of fear is ordinary; in reality, just like salt in the food, it is needed in order that we remain disciplined, targeted and dynamic.

The problem starts off when this fear gets going on and on, it’s as frightening as it starts interfering with our everyday life. Later this becomes an anxiety disorder, a condition of worry, fear, excessive or uneasiness of the unknown, which will require a treatment, and this is where yoga can help.

We should also understand that yoga alone cannot be considered as the only option of treatment. It should be accompanied with proper medication after consulting a doctor or specialist. The doctor can guide you better on the condition and help you understand the type of anxiety disorder you may have – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,  Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, to name a few.

How can yoga exercises help get over anxiety?

Everyday practising yoga will help you stay calm and relaxed in your regular life and will also give you the positive energy and strength to face events as they come without allowing you to get restless. Yoga practice perfectly as the complete package of asanas (body postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), meditation, and the ancient yoga philosophy, all of these have helped many anxiety patients recover and face life with all new positivity and strength.

One incident in my family that I would like to share, My Cousin Anjali she would always get worried and stay tensed even with very small things in life. Bigger or smaller incidents would just keep her shaken up, getting angry, misusing of words, doesn’t mean what she says, sleepless nights, unable to consume enough of food. All these upset her husband and he decided to consult a doctor who told us that she had a generalized anxiety disorder. She underwent anxiety treatment, accompanied by regular practice of yoga and meditation for almost six months. And now she is fine, feels like she has got a new birth. Her thoughts and thinking have changed, she feels much settled from within, and she now believes that whatever happens will be for the good. She also said that not scared of the future anymore! Yoga has given her this strength.

Let’s lead a positive life and conquer fear with yoga.

Are you stressed out? Maybe you have had a tough day at work or your day is beginning of with an expectation or a prediction leading to a lot of stress at work. Here we have 3 Yoga exercises for anxiety and stress. These breathing techniques are the best stress relievers, be in a clean environment away from dust or smoke, hop on to your yoga mat and let’s relieve the stress with yoga.

 UrdhvaHastasana (Raised Hands Pose):

It is a standing yoga pose that stretches the entire body. Get your feet on to your mat, gently raise your hands above your head and breathe in deeply as you are doing this, slowly join your palms together (namaskar) at the topmost position. Consequently tilt your head gently backwards and look at your thumbs. You need to be breathing deeply & smoothly and imagine your breath to travel all through your body. As you are now lifting your arms up from the sides of the waist you need to inhale and as you soften your shoulders you should exhale. Try to maintain this pose for a minute. While you’re releasing this pose exhale and then move the arms swiftly and smoothly back to the sides of your body.

Bidalasana (Cat Pose):

Bidal is a Sanskrit word meaning cat and asana is posture. If you have seen a cat stretch, then this is close to what you will be doing. The Cat Pose has a lot of benefits. Few major benefits are: Stretches the neck, back and the head and limbs. It will gently massage your spine and its muscles. Boost the functions of your abdomen organs. Calms your mind relives tension and stress.

Position yourself as a tabletop, placing your hands and knees as the four legs of a table. Place your knees vertically below your hips. Make sure wrists, shoulders and elbows stay in 1 line and at an angle of 90° to a given surface or to the ground. Focus your eyes on the ground, keeping your head in a central position.

Exhale and keep your spine curved by pointing it upwards at the ceiling. Keep your shoulders and knees in the advised position. Now get your head slightly down towards the ground, Make sure it’s not so much that your chin is compelled into the sternal notch on your chest.

Now while inhaling, again get back to your normal tabletop position. Keep on inhaling and exhaling deeply at the same time change your position from relaxed to active. Continue this until it gives you a feeling of relaxation in your spine.

Squeeze in, squeeze out! :

This is an easy method and let us see how to do this. Sit comfortably in the position of a Yogi (cross-legged) and now slowly breathe in. As you your lungs fill with air, squeeze in your shoulders close to your neck. Now you can slowly exhale, as you do these just loosen your shoulders and let them get back to their natural position. Perform this for a couple of times, while you inhale squeeze in as much as you are comfortable with, and as you exhale, allow your body relax.

The importance of performing these asanas right is to feel your stress to pass gently through the air away as you exhale. The best time to do these asanas is early morning, but you can do it as per your comfort, do not do the asanas immediately after meals.


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