Face Yoga Method and 5 Yoga Asanas to Tighten Your Skin

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How To Tighten Skin By Yoga Asanas

Do you want a younger looking skin, but we may perhaps not be able to meet the expense of all those expensive cosmetic treatments? Well, not to worry! Let’s find out how yoga can help you tighten loose skin. I have written down yoga poses for skin tightening which will help you have a younger look when practised regularly.

Downward Dog Pose or AdhoMukhaSvanasana

This is one of the most basic and recognized yoga poses, the AdhoMukhaSvanasana gives a list of health benefits and is worth practising as your daily fitness routine. For fighting fatigue and back stiffness, helps tighten sagging belly, this constructive pose is advantageous for many reasons.

How to perform the Asana: 

  • Start by getting down on your hands and knees.
  • Slowly bend forward and place your palms below your shoulders with palms flat on the earth. Your back should be flatter.
  • Lift your feet on the toes.
  • Now continue to lift your hips upwards to make an inverted V with your chest facing the knees and keep your hands straight as you lift your hips.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds as you continue to breathe deeply.
  • Repeat the movement twice before you move on to the next pose.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

One greater pose in yoga how to tighten loose skin, the cobra pose will help you get rid of that complicated kidney stone pain as well as strengthen your spine.

How to perform the Asana:

  • Lay down straight on your chest facing the earth.
  • Make sure that your legs are on the earth.
  • Now move on to lift your torso and arch your back towards your toes.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds until you begin to feel a light stretch.

Upward Facing Dog Pose or Urdhvamukhasvanasana

The upward facing dog is the opposite of the downward dog pose as mentioned above. It helps in your abs, back and legs. So, this pose can help you to get rid of cellulite on your thighs.

How to perform the Asana:

  • Start by lying down on your stomach by touching you are on to the floor and your feet hip-width apart.
  • Place your toes on the earth so that your heels are off the earth.
  • lay your palms on your shoulders.
  • Move your arms upward and look up.
  • Now arch your back until you feel a stretch in your back.
  • Lift your body weight off the thigh, and stay yourself using your toes and hands.
  • Stay in this pose for at least 20 seconds.

Plank Pose

This yoga pose is originated from the plank exercise and has advantages like helping to strengthen the spine and re-energize the body.

How to perform the Asana:

  • Start with the push-up position, by getting down on your hands and knees.
  • Now straighten your legs and tighten the abdomen.
  • Stress your thighs and posterior muscles and move forward.
  • Stay in this pose for at least 30 seconds.

Few Face Yoga Method to Tone Up Facial Skin

Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)

Advantages: Simha Mudra; It is one of the best Asanas for the face, that helps in stimulating and tighten facial muscles.

Jivha Bandha (Locked Tongue Pose)

Advantages: This jawline exercisesJivha Bandha pose sculpts your face and shape your jawline by toning your facial muscles.

Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock)

Advantages: This pose Jalandhar Bandha helps in shaping your face and toning your facial and jaw line muscles. It is a gift for people with double chins as this exercise shows positive results in getting rid of them.

Fish Face

Advantages: Fish face pose helps in toning and stretching your cheek muscles. It makes your face look sleek and your cheeks less flabby.

Mouthwash Technique

Advantages: This awesome mouthwash technique helps in toning your cheeks and keeps double chin away.


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