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X Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast Naturally And Fast Weight Loss Tips

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Do you want to look fit to maintain a healthy ‘you’ or for any special occasion? Losing weight naturally is a healthy and safe way to achieve weight loss. The Internet is filled with bad weight loss information and recommended ways are questionable. Today, healthpress.co offers you several scientifically proven natural methods to lose weight.
1. Practice the right eating habits.
When you are changing your diet plan, opt for a healthy diet plan. List down your week’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. You can consult a dietician for a diet plan or have your diet plan as below:
Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal+1/2 bowl of Grapefruit or Sautéed vegetables+ Scrambled egg+ Low fat cheese
Lunch: A healthy nutritious mixed vegetable salad combined with dry fruits and nuts.
Evening snack: Any fruit/hard-boiled egg/ Greek Yogurt with blueberries/any protein-rich food.
Dinner: Brown rice+ Salmon+ Zucchini.
The above-mentioned diet plan is just an example. You can follow this diet plan a week and change it every week keeping the calorie count constant.
2. Consume Protein Rich Diet.
Protein is the king of nutrients which supports weight loss. A 3-4 oz. protein-rich meal suffices your daily requirements keeping your appetite and calories in check.
A single hard-boiled egg is loaded with 70 fat-releasing calories. Similarly, one tablespoon honey has 64-fat releasing calories. Fish, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and some seeds assist you in weight loss. Thus all these foods boost fat breakdown.
3. Water! Water! Water
According to a study, staying hydrated with at least 1-liter water every day helps in increased burning of calories by 24-30%, thus contributing to weight loss.
Kick start your day with at least 2 glasses of water. This process boosts your metabolism and flushes out all the toxins from your body.
For middle and old-aged people, drinking a glass of water before meals leads to reduced calorie intake.
Substitute your high-calorie unhealthy drinks with zero-calorie water. Skip sugar/use low fat sweetners in all your beverages, coffee and fruit juices.
4. Say ‘Yes’ to Whole Grain Foods
Grains which contain germ, endosperm and bran help in adding fiber, protein and other vital nutrients to your diet making it a ‘super food. These super foods are very filling keeping your healthy calorie intake in check.
Grains help in eliminating added sugar, fat and processed food to your diet. Eating whole foods is one easy and smart way that helps in promoting weight loss.
Eat a 1:1 ratio of veggies to grains; veggies loaded with high-fiber content satisfy your hunger even before grains.
According to a survey, people who ate more than 2 daily servings of whole grains were 50% less likely to be overweight than those who ate white stuff.
Example: Barley, Brown rice, Millet, Oatmeal, Whole-wheat bread, etc..,
5. Exercise
Support your weight loss by getting into a regular exercise routine. This also improves your overall health.
Exercise helps in releasing endorphins. Endorphins make you healthier and happier. You will be more confident about your food eating habits.
Check out for your favourite exercises and start practicing them. Spend 20 minutes to cardio exercises every day. Start practicing any of your favourite activities such as yoga, dance, swimming, running, jogging, power walking etc.., and bring out the creativity in you. Running helps your calories burn.
If you are racing against time, then do a 45-minute brisk walk in regular intervals. Walk to the grocery store, or take a 5-minute brisk-walk break at your work every hour. Also just get on the floor with simple push-ups and squats, as they are fantastic fat burning exercises.
1. Enjoy any exercise act you do, never think of it as a punishment. You can really feel light and see visible results both on your body and health.
2. Running not only burns your calories but also suppresses your stress and appetite hormones. One continues to burn more calories for as long as two hours even after they stop running, hence it is termed as “afterburn” exercise.
3. Never make too quick changes as they can really be hazardous.
6. Say ‘Yes” To Mindful Eating And Walk After You Meal.
Eat mindfully as it can increase your focus and awareness while eating. Follow chew and swallow method for every morsel you eat.
Eat deliberately, slowly and enjoy your food while you eat. Curb activities like watching TV, surfing the internet in your gadget, reading a book, etc.., as they give you less eating satisfaction. Conscious mindful eating has shown significant effects on weight loss and stress.
Post your meal, skip your couch and go for a short 5-minute walk. A rambling post the meal helps in clearing the glucose from the bloodstream as more of it is absorbed by the muscles. This after meal walk improves your blood sugar levels to a greater extent compared to the 45-minute walk in the morning.
7. Get Suffice Sleep
Sleep deprivation results in increased hunger and appetite making it hard to shed pounds. According to a study held in 2004, people with less than 6 hours of sleep a day were 30% more likely to become obese than those who slept almost 7-9 hours a day.
Those who are sleep deprived have elevated levels of ghrelin production and decreased levels of leptin production. Ghrelin stimulates hunger whereas leptin dampens the appetite.
Tip: Shut off all your gadgets at least 30 minutes before your bedtime as the light from it messes with your circadian system disturbing your biological clock.
8. Make Gradual Changes To Your Life style
Always make gradual changes to your lifestyle. Your system can easily adapt to the changes you are trying to make.
Don’t focus on dieting, instead focus on weight loss. Weight loss is natural and keeping that weight off means making total lifestyle changes. Fuel your body with healthy food and nutrients.
Set realistic goals. Goal setting will help you to take actionable weight loss results.
Note: Track your goals to witness the progress you have made. Never make abrupt changes to your diet.
Below mentioned are some natural ways that can help you shed extra pounds in as early as two weeks.
1. Lemon and Honey
This duo flushes out the undigested food and other toxins from the body. It improves your digestion and helps you in maintaining a healthy liver that is responsible in marinating an ideal body weight.
Required items:
Warm Water
1. Take a glass of warm water and add the juice of half a lemon to it.
2. To this solution, add two teaspoons of honey and stir the mixture well.
3. Drink this solution on an empty stomach every morning as soon as you wake up.
Best results:
For best results, follow this every morning. This popular weight loss remedy possesses lipid-lowering and fat oxidation properties that help you in weight loss.
2. Black Pepper
Since spicy foods have higher metabolic rate, the benefits of black pepper are aplenty.
Required items:
Black pepper powder
Include black pepper powder to any of your dishes, salad, tea, etc.., Do this daily to achieve best results. Pepper contains piperine,that contains fat suppressing compounds.
3. Ginger
Ginger has anti-cancer properties, acts as an immune system booster and as an appetite suppressant. This amazing drink can help you lose pounds in much. Below is the way:
Required items:
Hot water
1. Take a glass of hot water, to this add 1 teaspoon of grated ginger.
2. Allow the ginger to sit in the hot water solution for about 10 minutes and strain it.
3. Add teaspoon honey to this solution and stir well.
4. Drink it before it turns cold.
5. For best results drink this solution on an empty stomach every day.
Ginger induces thermogenesis that helps you to lose weight naturally by burning the extra fat, thus helping you lose weight naturally.
4. Garlic
Garlic is a great detoxifying agent which flushes out the toxins from your body.
Required items:
Garlic – 1 teaspoon
1. Add grated garlic to all your favourite dishes. If you can withstand the strong garlic flavor, then you can even chew it directly.
2. An alternate solution is to add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon garlic to lukewarm water. Drink this every morning on an empty stomach.
Note: Don’t consume excess garlic as it can reverse the good effects.
Garlic keeps you fit boosting your energy levels. It suppresses your appetite levels and its natural anti-obesity properties stimulate the fat-burning process.
More Weight Loss Hacks:
1. Try not drinking huge amounts of water in between your meals.
2. Reduce the intake of whites such as sugar, white rice, white flour, salt in your food. Instead opt for brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain bread, etc..,
3. Avoid processed foods which cause addictive-like eating. Instead stock and snack upon a handful of nuts, steamed veggies.
4. Avoid liquid calories from sugary soft drinks, chocolate milk, energy drinks and etc.., According to a study; these liquid calories cause an increased risk of obesity.
5. Switch your milk type and that helps in cutting down your calories by about 20%.
Example: Switch from full-fat milk to skimmed milk. If you consume lactose products 3 times a day, cut it down to 2 times.
6. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of drinking fruit juices.
7. Eat water-rich foods such as zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, salads, and etc.., to reduce your overall calorie intake.
8. Limit your food outings and eat at home as it is one of the best ways to curb the high-calorie fat diet.
There are jillion weight loss schemes available in the market. They can be perilous, unhealthy and hard to follow long-term. Natural methods always give you the best long term results. There is no ‘Abracadabra!’ diet for your weight loss. Weight loss requires consistent hard work accompanied by lifestyle change.
If you are not losing weight even after making gradual consistent changes to your diet and lifestyle, then talk either to your doctor or to your personal trainer. They will assist you with a diet plan along with some exercises. You can go one step ahead and have a dedicated dietician if you wish!!!


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