X Best Super Smart Travel Hacks To Pack Like A Pro.

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To make your travel smarter and comfortable you need some hacks. Right from the time you depart your home till the time you reach your door, Healthpress.co offers you some of the best hacks that help you save your time, money, and space. “Less Luggage, more comfort” sounds cool right? Let’s not delay to look into those hacks now.
  1. Space Saving: Roll Your Clothes
When it comes to space-saving, this hack comes like your real savior. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into a little tube. This makes your luggage bag look cute and it even stops creases and wrinkles.
  • Dehydrated Toothpaste Dots
Tired of carrying long toothpaste bars? Here is a simple hack to travel light. With dehydrated toothpaste dots, you can just chew them up to brush. Make them with just 2 items you will always have in your home. 1. Take an aluminum foil and sprinkle baking soda on it. 2. Squeeze out small dots of toothpaste onto the foil. 3. Further, sprinkle baking soda (in generous amounts) on it so as to avoid the stickiness. 4. Let them dry; it takes 2-3 days for them to dry completely. 5. Transfer them into a small zip lock cover or a plastic container and pop them into your mouth when you need to brush. 3. Use an Empty Sunscreen Container Worried about storing your valuables when you go out for a beach? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Follow the below steps to enjoy a hassle and tension free swim. 1. Wash your sunscreen container and allow it to dry. 2. Now make a horizontal cut across the neck of the bottle and remove it. 3. Now push your iPhone, money, keys, and etc.…, into the bottle and close it with the cap of the bottle. 4. You are ready to go now. Place this container in your handbag or wherever you feel it is safe. 4. Mini Cosmetics Wash your contact lens container and store your foundation and makeup remover in the two containers. In the same way, you can organize your body wash, face wash, body lotion, scrub, hair conditioner and etc.., into small containers like this. Avoid the unnecessary huge weighty tubes and bottles. Alternatively, you can take a wide straw and fill it with your cosmetics like shampoo, soap, gel, etc.., and then bind (seal) it on both the sides using some fire. Make as many numbers of packets as you need and use it when needed. Note: This tip (to carry soap) is useful if your trip is short. If your trip is a bit long, then carry this soap tissues which are really fantastic. 5. Soap Tissues Instead of carrying the big bar soaps, opt for these soap tissues which really lessens your weight. In an oven bowl, take a water-soluble paper and spread some liquid soap onto it equivalently using a brush on both sides. Allow it to dry completely in the sun and cut them into small rectangle pieces and store these soap tissues. Use them to wash your hands or your face. This is a super cool, favorite hack of mine. 6. Compact Blush Paper 1. Take your blusher box, and powder the blusher. 2. To the powdered blusher powder, add some glycerol (choose pure and safe glycerol) and stir it well. 3. Further in an oven bowl, take a melted wax paper and pour this blusher-glycerol mixture on it. 4. Let this mixture soak in the melted wax paper and using a brush spread it equivalently. 5. Cut these pieces, store it, and use it when needed. 6. These soap tissues, compact blush paper, and mini cosmetics together act like anywhere makeup and anywhere fresh. 7. Buttons Use buttons to organize your earrings/studs and etc.., Further, place them in a small box. 8. Passport Copy Mail a scanned copy of your passport to your mail. Take screenshots of your journey confirmations, flight bookings, and etc.., you can have access to them without relying on printouts. Never ignore this step while traveling. 9. Make Friends Using Your Phone There are many apps that can help you make friends who match up your personalities. Make them your friends and check in as groups in a local home to make your trip more economical. 10. A Guide If you want a free tour guide for exploring your day, install Google Lens onto your phone and take photos as you explore. Click a picture and it will fire back with a bunch of interesting information regarding the picture. Become an expert in no time! 11. Instant Speaker Yes, that’s true. You can make an instant speaker without carrying any. You can further throw it away as well. Just make a horizontal slit (not too wide) on the roll and insert your phone into it. Your personalized phone speaker is ready. This super simple hack will make your day go ooh la!!! 12. Free Perks There are many companies all over the world who are looking for people to try out their wares, test their staff, and give feedback. With little work, you can enjoy all the benefits. So just apply as a market researcher in the country you are traveling and enjoy all the perks. You can also stay with locals in homes where you can have far rich experience and value for money compared to regular hotels. There are many websites which offer a highly economical stay for a group of people. 13. Beeswax To waterproof anything use beeswax. For example, in case you want to waterproof your shoes, then coat it with beeswax so as to waterproof them. Money-Saving Tips: 1. Save some emergency money behind your phone case. 2. Drill a hole into the soap and push a rolled note (currency) into it. 3. If you have an empty lipstick, into the lipstick mold, roll and push a currency. 4. Hide some valuables in a baby diaper. More Travel Hacks: 1. When you are trying to pack any liquids, open the lid and insert a plastic wrapper in between. Close it with a lid and now the contents won’t leak. 2. If it is winter, use cargo pants to carry excess stuff and baggage as they have many pockets. There are some special travel jackets that are designed to handle your stuff. 3. If there are any fragile bottles or etc.., cover them with a bubble wrap so as to safeguard it from any breakage. 4. Before entering the airport, take a selfie (or even send that google location to your friend) in the place you parked your car. For sure, you would love this tip. 5. Carry a fake wallet to protect yourself from the local robberies. 6. Book a flight by clearing the cache or by opening a new incognito tab. Because airlines can jack up their prices if they see you coming back to book the same flight again and again. 7. Take an empty water bottle with you whenever you travel. You can use this for multiple purposes. Bottom line: Traveling light gives you the extra flexibility and the freedom that you can’t get with heavy luggage. You can opt for any public transport as you like and move quickly in airports, bus stations, railway stations, and etc.., Comment and let me know which tip is your favorite.

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