Home Remedies for Preventing Hair Fall

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Beautiful thick hairs are the barometer of one’s health and beauty. If you see some hairs on your pillow or shower drain there is no need to ring the alarm bells as losing around 100 hairs is a natural phenomenon to get rid of old and damaged hairs and in place of the one falling down the new ones grow. But at times we see a lot of hair falling and feel the thinning of hairs and the scalp showing up.

Hair fall is one of the most common problems that many of us face today. Due to change in climatic conditions and a lot of pollution around us hair fall can increase at times. Another common problem here is our lack of knowledge about the great and simple ways through which hair fall can be treated at home. Hair fall is a problem faced by both men and women. While genes play a big role, there are many other factors that cause hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

1. Nutritional deficiencies

Nutrients play a very vital role in a healthy body and mind. For healthy hair, essential nutrients such as iron, copper, zinc and proteins are very important. Another cause of hair loss can be a deficiency of vitamin D so make sure you soak up some sun on a regular basis.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

A major reason for hair loss is hormonal imbalances.  Hormonal imbalances now days are seen at all ages starting from puberty and especially after the age of 30, women can experience hormonal imbalance which can cause hair loss

3. Thyroid issues

The hair growth cycle may change if the thyroid hormone balance (excessive or insufficient) is not correct in the body. The thyroid gland, which produces the thyroid hormone is at the front of the neck and is responsible for the amount of thyroid hormone produced. There are other signs of thyroid imbalance such as weight gain or loss, sensitivity to cold or heat, and changes in heart-rate.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have a hormonal imbalance which creates higher levels of androgens than normal and this often causes hair to grow thinner and sometimes hair grows on the face and body also. PCOS can also lead to weight gain, acne and ovulation problems.

5. Stress

Stress is a big reason for sudden hair loss which can last for several months. Try to reduce stress through exercise, meditation yoga and massages which will help in reducing your chances of hair loss.

6. Ageing

As we age, the rate at which our hair grows tends to slow down and hence we feel the thinning of hairs. Hair strands get weaker, thinner, smaller, finer, gets grey and have less pigment. In order to have healthy hair, eat whole foods which help to keep your body and hair youthful.

7. Genetics

Genetic hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia and is known to be the most common cause of hair loss. The gene can be inherited from either of your parents though you’re more likely to have it if both of your parents had hair loss.

Home Remedies for Preventing and Treating Hair Loss

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A (beta-carotene), C, E, folic acid, and choline along with antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Aloe Vera is a good home remedy for hair fall and to promote hair growth. It balances the pH levels of hair and the scalp. Take the leave and extract the pulp from aloe vera leaf or stalk and rub into your hair. Keep massaging in circular motions then leave it for about 15 minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Repeat this thrice a week. If aloe vera plant is not readily available you can use aloe vera gel also.

2. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Deficiency of Vitamin C also causes hair loss. Amla is highly rich in Vitamin C and provides strength to the hair follicles, and thereby prevents hair fall. You can boil the dried amla with coconut oil till the oil becomes black. Let the oil cool down and then massage your hair. Leave it for around 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair as usual. Repeat this twice a week. Eating amla also helps in hair growth and advised for good skin.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is known as an excellent agent to boost hair growth and prevent hair fall as it is rich in bioactive compounds. Take two green tea bags and soak in hot water and let it cool down. Rinse your hair using this solution and keep massaging your scalp slowly and gently. Use this green tea solution as an after-shampoo conditioner and then repeat it twice a week.

4. Onion Juice

Onion is highly rich in an antibacterial property and sulphur content that promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles boosts hair growth and prevents hair loss. Sulphur is also known to fight scalp infections. Extract onion juice and dip a cotton ball in it and apply all over your scalp. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off using a mild shampoo. Follow this once a week and then see the difference.

5. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)

The most effective natural remedies to prevent hair fall is Fenugreek. It helps in the regrowth of hair follicles and enhances hair growth. Soak methi seeds in water overnight. Then grind the seeds and make a paste which you can spread. Start applying the paste from the roots to the tips. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash off using cold water. Repeat this once or twice a month.

6. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is rich in proteins, essential fats, and minerals like potassium which are very good for hair re-growth and also controls hair fall. Grate coconut and squeeze its milk. Then apply this milk to your scalp with a brush. Then cover your scalp with a towel and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with cold water and shampoo.

7. Honey and Yoghurt

Yoghurt is known as a natural hair conditioner. It is rich in proteins and Vitamin B5 which are highly beneficial for your hair. Honey has antibacterial properties that prevent your hair from damage. Take a bowl, add make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of lemon and honey. Apply this pack to your scalp using a brush. Leave this pack for about half an hour and then rinse nicely with cold water. Repeat this pack once a week to prevent hair loss.

8. Massage with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial and antioxidants properties that help fight scalp infections and strengthen your hair.  Warm the coconut oil slightly and start massaging your scalp in circular motions. You can also use olive, amla and almond oil instead of coconut oil for similar results.

9. Neem Leaves

Neem leaves have excellent antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help you get rid of dandruff. It also helps the hair follicles to become stronger and promotes hair growth. Take 10-12 neem leaves and boil in water till the water reduces to half its quantity. After the mixture cools down, apply it to your scalp. Leave this on for 30 minutes and rinse off nicely with water. Repeat this twice a week and see the difference.

10. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, betaine, magnesium and potassium which are essential to healthy hair. You can take 7-8 beetroot leaves and boil in water till the water level comes down to half its quantity. Then grind the leaves and add 1 tablespoon of henna. Apply the paste to the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this pack once a week to prevent hair loss.

11. Others

Dairy products are a great source of various nutrients, proteins and a great source of biotin (Vitamin B7) which is known to fight hair loss. Milk, yoghurt and eggs are also loaded with essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, proteins, various minerals like iron, zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids. Add some walnuts also to your diet to stop hair fall.

Try to follow these above simple home remedies that are safe and effective to prevent  and treat hair loss. You can also try some ayurvedic remedies for hair care. 


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