Ayurveda and Its benefits in our day to day life.Shirodhara benefits.Remedy to back pain.Importance of consuming seeds.Neem leaves a miracle.
Wednesday, September 23

benefits of ayurveda

Ayurveda-A life saviour

Ayurveda have always been a life saviour in our day to day lives.It is the ancient science that helps to deal with our health troubles in a natural way.Most of the remedies can be made at home itself.It gives gradual and long term results.Incorporating mind and body stability is another aspect of ayurveda.In-short ayurveda is a part of medicine which we can rely upon.Following the remedies can have a scintillating effects on our mind as well as body.Though being one of the oldest medicine branch it  can still keep up with the mordern times.For more details click here