Sciatica Treatment & 4 Ayurvedic Treatments For Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

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Sciatica Meaning

In Ayurveda term, Sciatica is known as Grdhrasi meaning ‘vulture’. This descriptive name indicates the limping gait of an individual due to the excruciating pain from sciatica. Vata means ‘that which spreads’. Ayurveda says that “where there is a pain, there is Vata”. Sciatica is a typical example of a Vata disorder. Though the problem starts in the lower back, the pain spreads down the leg.

Sciatica is a symptom of a disorder which causes a mild to a sharp and at times excruciating pain. The reason the sciatic nerve causing terrible pain is because it is the longest nerve in the body! The nerve starts at the back of the pelvis and runs down through the hip area and buttocks towards each leg. Sciatic pain will make life miserable. Standing, walking, driving a car, bending over, catching up on household chores, working at a computer, coughing or sneezing, and much more activities of daily living can also cause sudden and intense pain.

One of the most common reasons people visit Ayurvedic clinic is for Back Pain treatment. According to a survey, at some point in time in their life, approximately 90% of people in the world suffer from Back Pain. Chronic lower Back Pain is a debilitating condition; it grief’s your personal, social as well as professional life. Back Pain can be affected due to biological as well as lifestyle factors. Increasing age, circumstances that affect spine such as Arthritis, spondolysis, osteoarthritis, etc. can cause Back Pain.

Back pain, on the whole, is diagnosed based on its symptoms and thorough physical examination. On the other the hand Ayurveda follows a holistic therapeutic approach, you need to undergo nadeepareeksha, a special Ayurvedic diagnosis examination. This diagnostic procedure examines various important physiological functions. Ayurveda offers a series of natural treatments for sciatica and lower back pain.

Sciatica Treatment

4 Natural Treatments for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

Massage and Steam Therapy

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic full body massage, which helps in relieving tension in the muscles. Herbal Medicated oils are used, that gets absorbed through the skin and nourishes the body. Abhyanga is traditionally continued with a steam therapy – either localized or for the entire body – to further soften and relax muscles.

Kati Basti

A unique to Ayurveda treatment of the lower back named as Kati Basti. ‘Kati’ refers to the lower back and ‘Basti’ means ‘to hold’. Flour dough is used to design like a well on the lower back and is filled up with warm oil. The oil is kept continuously warm by replacing it as it cools. The warm oil increases the blood circulation in the area by relaxing the muscles, relieving pain, improving movement and reducing stiffness.

Therapeutic Enema

By inserting herbal oil or a decoction (herbal preparation) into the colon in the form of therapeutic enemas, excess Vata is removed from its main seat in the pelvic area. The rectum and colon both have a very rich blood and lymph supply that allows for effective absorption. Studies have confirmed that substances delivered by enemas are much more effectively passed into the general bloodstream than by oral administration, as it bypasses metabolism in the liver.

Herbal Supplements

The specified herbs are generally used for reducing Vata in the lower back region.

Note: It always better to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner or a health care provider before consuming herbal supplements.

Guggulu (Commiphora Mukul)

Guggulu is a gum resin collected from a small tree. It has a strong pain reducing and an anti-inflammatory property, which is widely used for the joints.


Dashamula is a famous traditional herbal combination of ten roots. 

Ashwagandha (WithaniaSomnifera)

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs that nourishes, rejuvenates and reduces pain.

Castor oil (Ricinus Communis)

Castor oil contains a mild purgative effect that helps in reducing Vata.

Lower back pain and sciatica could be effectively treated by Ayurveda. In many great cases, it as reduced the necessity of painkillers and even surgery or spinal injections. Furthermore to the natural treatments of sciatica and lower back pain as described above, an Ayurvedic doctor will also advise dietary and lifestyle changes to avoid the causes of the lower back pain. Therefore the complete body will be brought back into balance. Fortunately, in a natural way, you will finally get rid of sciatica. In just four to six weeks, the majority of patients have found their symptoms are relieved with the treatment. Ayurveda is the best alternative to surgery for Sciatica.


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