Outstanding Benefits Of Neem Leaves & Oil For Hair

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Neem Oil For Hair Dandruff

If you are trying hard to get rid of dandruff, itching, Flaky, and dry scalp and not finding a solution then this will make the situation worse. Dandruff is sometimes very embarrassing and annoying. Here is a tip for not losing hope! You can just get rid of it from your life. But please hold on with a little patience!

These are amazing natural remedies to get rid of dandruff; you can try shampoos containing Neem. Use the shampoo 2-3 times a week and continue doing until you get the desired results.

There are mainly of two type’s dandruff and it depends on the type of your skin.

  • Dry dandruff
  • Oily dandruff

Dandruff is caused due to the growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp. This can be treated only with the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic agent that is found in Neem.

Try this:

Take a handful of Neem leaves and boil them in two cups of water until the water turns green in colour. Use it for the final rinse, after the completion of shampoo to your hair. This last treatment is a perfect way to wash out dandruff and promote the hair strength.

Use a Neem shampoo and nourish your hair with good health!

These are all that you could expect from a Neem shampoo

  • A shampoo with Neem makes your hair stronger and shinier.
  • It is one of the best remedies for irritated scalp and also helps in psoriasis as well.
  • You will benefit from Neem shampoo with problems like hair loss and premature greying.
  • Neem shampoos are known for anti-ice.
  • You don’t have to worry about any side effects while using products made out of Neem because these shampoos are usually made mild and safe.
  • Another way is mixing some Neem oil to your regular shampoo will get rid of dandruff and also keeps your scalp moisturized. The Neem oil is extracted from the fruits and seeds of the Neem tree.

How To Make Neem Oil For Hair

How to Use Neem Oil for a massage

  • 1 tablespoon of Neem oil
  • 3 tablespoon of avocado oil
  • 4 to 5 drop of lavender oil 

Try out this:  Mix all the ingredients well. Apply this on your scalp and hair, massage gently.

Leave it for an hour or overnight for more effectiveness and wash as usual. While using Neem oil, try diluting it with some base oils like sesame oil, olive, avocado or jojoba oil. Use 10 to 20% to Neem oil in a blend. Also, try using lavender or ylangylang essential oil to cover the smell and it also enhances its effects along with Neem.

Neem Leaf Paste

Use fresh Neem leaves (highly recommended) or Neem leaf powder which is available at any pharmacy or departmental stores but use organic only. Make a paste of this and apply it to the scalp, when dried Wash it off with warm water.

Benefits of Consuming  Neem Leaves

Consuming Neem leaves is one of the familiar routines in the past. Children given Neem oil bath and were fed Neem leaves twice a month.

Mince the tender Neem leaves to a fine paste and just gulp a cheery sized paste with water or mix the paste with buttermilk and consume it. Though it tastes bitter it is one of the best remedies for various problems in your body.

Since Neem leaves are the natural blood purifier, they remove the toxins from the internal organs and blood and the foremost reason for hair loss are the increase of toxins in our body. Moreover, the medicinal properties of Neem leave help in healing infections and purifying the organs.


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