Mudra Yoga 10 Powerful Mudras and How to Use Them Yoga Mudra Pose

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Mudras For Health

Mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture/hand gesture that balances the flow of energy and immovable currents of the body. They bring in a magical mental, spiritual & physical change that improves our body. Mudras help to remove all the body’s uneasiness. Mudras do not require any kind of prior preparation. They can be performed at any time, anywhere and almost under any situation – mostly but with some exceptions. Mudras are actually bringing back quick and effective changes in sense organs, veins, tendons, and glands, being all these as permanent changes.

The Elemental Structure of the Hand

The ancient sages could understand or work out by instinct with the existence of the five elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth) in the human body. The word mudra means “a seal.” Mudras are delicately complex and understated science of arranging the body in a certain way. By changing the positions of your palm, the way your system’s functions can also be altered. Mudra is a whole science by itself. By holding a specific mudra, the energies verge to move in a specific way. We should understand that the control panel is within us. If we do the right things with our system, we can get miraculous things with our life. For this, we will have to explore a lot of and of course, a lot of sadhana is involved in it.

  1. Thumb             – Space
  2. Index Finger    – Air
  3. Middle Finger  – Fire
  4. Ring Finger      – Water
  5. Pinky Finger    – Eart

There are many kinds of mudras –we have hundreds of mudras, some for wellbeing, some for health, and some for creating certain other kinds of activities. There are different mudras for different aspects of life.

  • Gyan

Elements for this Mudra: Space + Air

This is perhaps the most well-known mudra in our present society. We could find meditators often using this mudra in their practice. The purpose of Gyan mudra is to improve one’s concentration and sharpen the memory. This is one of the great mudras that is used for the ones who are seeking to gain knowledge. Hold this mudra while you meditating to get an insight into your life or for a specific issue.

Formal Procedure to perform this mudra is by touching your index fingertip to the tip of your thumb, as you keep up your other three fingers straight.

  • Ganesha

Elements for this Mudra: All

The Ganesha mudra is named after the Hindu god Ganesh and this mudra is used widely. Ganesha is considered to be a god who removes all the obstacles. As told this mudra is a glorious one that relieves oneself from all types of obstructions in his life; it helps you in redeeming positivity and courage when dealing with hard times. While performing this mudra, you will bring in your attention and energy to the centre of your heart, that opens up your lungs and heart to the conscious mind of your meditation.

Apart from the spiritual and mental benefits of your heart chakra, this mudra is excellent for people who are suffering from high levels of cholesterol and for those with weal heart. It helps in opening up your bronchial tubes, giving a pathway for abetter circulation of blood. The Mudra opens up the heart chakra and strengthens the heart. A magical way to relax and loosen up the distress filled with the heart chakra, it acts as a powerful first aid in situations of myocardial infarction.

Formal Procedure to perform this mudra: Sit in the position of Padmasana [Lotus Pose]. Now take your left hand in front of your chest keeping the palm facing outward with the left thumb down. Next, take your right hand in front of your left hand keeping your right palm facing towards you with your left palm. Now lock both your fingers together, that is fixed in a half-bent position just like a claw.

  • Rudra

Elements for this Mudra: Space + Air + Water

This mudra is generally identified with Lord Shiva who considered to be the destroyer among the three devas, he is the one who destroys and clears the way path to reach our higher potentiality. Rudra mudra is the most powerful mudra. In Sanskrit, the word Rudra means” lord”, which fits this gesture because the utmost benefit that affects your personal power center—the solar plexus. This gesture helps in improving the clarity and concentration of thoughts. This mudra is recommended for the ones who are suffering from dizziness, exhaustion, and chronic tension in their body. This mudra can be used to energize your physical body and enable you to reach your topmost potential or goals.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: place the Thumb on your Index and Ring fingers while keeping your Middle fingers and Pinky finger as straight as you can.

  • Vayu

Elements for this Mudra: Space + Air

This mudra is considered to be good for solving diseases that are related to air imbalances, i.e. gas-related pain, bloating, abdominal discomfort, flatulence, and joint pain. This Vayu mudra helps in regulating Vata-related problems, with both mental and physical. It helps in relieving and bringing back your air element into its proper flow.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra:  At the first look, this mudra might seem to look very similar to the Gyan mudra. The difference in the Vayu is that you connect the thumb to the knuckle of the index finger, just like to the fingertip in Gyan. Now press down on the index finger up to your level of comfort; this gestures intention is to relax and not to strain the joint. For best results, do it with your Pranayama exercises as your holding this mudra.

  • Buddhi

Elements for this Mudra: Space + Earth

This mudra is used for having clarity in your mind. This gesture is performed when you want to understand intuitive messages from your subconscious like dreams or meditations that distract you. The most powerful benefit attained through this mudra is the improvement in communication, i.e. improving the internal and external conversation.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Connect your thumb to your Pinky finger, while you hold all your other three fingers straight up.

  • Shuni or Shoonya

Elements for this mudra: Space + Fire

The Shoonya mudra helps in purifying your emotions and thoughts. This mudra is used to improve sensory powers, intuition, and alertness.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Touch the middle fingertip to the thumb tip, while you keep the other three fingers straight.

  • Apana

Elements for this mudra: Space+ Fire+ Water

This goodness of this mudra helps in mental and physical digestion by eliminating waste material from the body.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Bring in your middle and ring finger to the tip of the thumb.while you keep the other two fingers straight and relaxed.

  • Surya

Elements for this mudra: Space+ Water

This mudra is aimed to increase the fire/solar element in the body and improve the metabolism and digestion. Surya mudra also helps in reducing the heaviness in the body and helps to defend against colds, whereas it increases the core body temperature.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Bend your ring finger to the bottom of your thumb, so that the thumb touches the ring finger’s knuckle. Keep your other three fingers stretched straight without stressing your hand.

  • Prana

Elements for this mudra: Space+ Water

This mudra is considered to be the most important one since its ability is to activate the inactive energy in your body. Prana is the essential life force that is a living thing at all. This mudra will help in awakening and enliven your personal prana and get you in tune with the prana that’s around you.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Touch your ring and pinky finger to the tip of your thumb, as you keep the other two fingers straight and relaxed.

  • Dhyana

Elements for this mudra: All

This Dhyana mudra is used by multiple disciplines across several eastern countries for meditation purpose. They have often seen the pictures of Buddha with this gesture. The mudras significance is to bring you into a profound and more deeper concentration. This gesture will also help you bring in tranquillity and inner peace.

The formal procedure to perform this mudra: Just sit with your palms facing upward, let your right palm rest on top of your left palm. The right palm represents enlightenment and higher spiritual faculties, while resting over the left hand, it represents the world of Mayor illusion.


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